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For deep sleep and daydreams, anytime, anywhere. Super soft padding cradles your eyes without pressure. 100% light blocking. Earplugs (included) store in handy pocket. A perfect complement to a Bucky pillow, and, of course, it's washable. 4" x 10", 2 oz. ( click on image to enlarge )

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A Bucky Pillow is the most human friendly pillow ever invented. So ingenious it moves with you, keeping you comfortable & comforted every time you use it. Our pure natural fillings shift with your slightest move, always in perfect hamony with your body.
Buckwheat Hulls
cozy, stable support
*Grips together under body weight, providing cozy, stable, passive support.
*Distributes weight evenly.
*Cool, with constant ventilation.
*Lightweight & airy...soothing sounds when you move.
*Scrunchy, grainy texture.
*A traditional pillow filling used for centuries in Asia.
Millet Hulls
silky soft, like liquid velvet
*Cradles the body in soft, sensual support.
*Distributes weight evenly.
*Slightly warm and heat conserving.
*Dense and luxuriant.
*Silky smooth feel, like liquid velvet.
*A traditional pillow filiing used in Europe since medieval times.
Whole Buckwheat Seeds
hold & transfer heat & cold
*Comforting support, warm or cold.
*Drapes & contours to the body, allowing maximum surface contact to transfer heat/cold.
*Durable and dense to retain heat/cold.
*Warm, nutty aroma naturally soothes and comforts. Tuck in Flower Power sachet for added aromatherapy to relax and soothe tension.
Bucky... the Original.
The Best Design Bucky created the original famous U pillow in 1992, and personal comfort has never been the same. Bucky's innovative designers continue to take the ordinary to the extraordinary. The Best Fabrics We're passionate about our high quality fabrics. Always easy-care, machine or hand washable. They move and groove perfectly with our ingenious natural fillings, keeping their great looks and soft touch for many years to come.
The Best Comfort Cozy stretchy fabrics maximize the ergonomic contouring qualities of Bucky pillows. Knit fabrics "give" more than woven fabrics, and nothing on a Bucky ever pokes, scratches or digs into you. Too full? Just unzip and remove some filling. The Best Quality & Service Bucky pillows are meticulously constructed and sewn. We offer a 100% guarantee! Visit us at for more information about our company, our products, Bucky news, and to contact us via e-mail. Our friendly customer service is always attentive to your needs.
The Best Natural Fillings We use only the finest premium buckwheat and millet hulls and buckwheat seeds that mold easily to the contours of your body for greater comfort and soothing support. The Best Packaging Bucky's international award-winning packaging is interactive, innovative & user-friendly. Bonding with Bucky begins as soon as customers see it in the store.